"Vi Sonas Veris Nigrae Malitiaes"

Line-up:Evil - Guitars, sounds, piano, darkness.

It - Cries, screams, violin, drums, torture.



Abruptum (demotape) - February 1990.

The Satanist Tunes (demotape) - August 1990.

Evil (7" EP) - ? 1991.

Orchestra of Dark (demotape) - October 1991.

Obscuritatem Advoco Amplectere Me (LP, CD) - 1993.

In Umbra Malitae Ambulabo, In Aeternum In Triumpho Tenebrarum (CD) - 1994.

Vi Sonas Veris Nigrae Malitiaes (digipack CD) - 1996/1997.


When something is going on in one’s head for a long time and when it haunts your dreams.... It’s time to do something about it. As with Abruptum that was such a phenomena, around 1987 the plans were beginning to form in the mind of IT who wanted to give the world a shock with starting the evil war.

But it was not until the start of 1990 that Abruptum was born and then with the heep of the psychopath known as ALL. They released the demo "Abruptum - 90" at that time, but it showed to be nothing of the planned. So they kicked-out the bassplayer, EXT, who showed to be so afraid of the result of that demo that he joined the nearest church. The fact of the fate of the bassplayer gave IT and ALL a new push.

Later the very same year recorded "The Satanist Tunes" demo. Their demo is a great kult demo these days and it showed people what evil is when put on tape. Indeed they have shocked the world.

Abruptum also managed to put out a 7" EP which was called "Evil" and just to remind people of their existence they did a hard job with mail and interviews.

Things were going well but the curse sank it’s teeth into Abruptum and ALL began to drink seriously and had to quit the band. IT went on alone and found EVIL who was just the perfect man to do the job beside him. They gave the world something to think about with "Orchestra of Dark" demo and also recorded a song called "De Profundis Mors Vas Cousumet". Abruptum had been in contact with Euronymous of DSP Records and Mayhem for awhile and he wanted to release their first album, they recorded it and got amazed (just as all the true maniacs around) of pure evil of the recording. "Obscuritatem Advoco Amplectere Me" was it’s name and it was a kind of a "Veni, Vidi, Vici" thing which really messed up peoples heads.

Euronymous was killed by a traitor and with the release of their second album "In Umbra Malaitae Ambulabo in Aternum in Triumpho Tenebrarum" they buried "Deathlike Silence Productions". That second album is a strong sign of dark age that is on the way and that Abruptum will never die.

They have already released "Vi Sonus Veris Nigrae Malitaes" digipack.

The absolutely most evil band in the world are for one not be too big for words.


Vi Sonus Nigrae Malitiaes
(FMP 009)
Release date: 1997

The audial essence of pure black evil. Ritualistic music recorded live under the fullmoon night while sadistically and masochistically being tortured, burned and beaten.



c/o Evil

Box 609,

601 14 Norrkoping