The demonic cult which was given the name APOLLYON was summoned to this world in the autumn of 1992. At that time the cult consisted of Archdemon Diabolos and Lod Worros. A demo entitled "Creators of Evil Thoughts" was recorded the same year and released in January of 1993. In May of 1993 a promo-recording was made. At first this recording was not meant to be officially released, but because of the positive response from those who heard it, it was released anyway. It included two songs of slow melancholic black metal. After this release things went slow for APOLLYON, and finally in 1994 it was clear that Worros had betrayed the cult, and he was therefore cast out. Since Diabolos was not able to find a new suitable demons APOLLYON was laid to rest.

Later in 1994 Diabolos met Sorgh, and since he was considered suitable for APOLLYON the cult was brought back from the grave in the beginning of 1995. A few months later a bass player named Korihor was added. In June this line-up recorded a new demo entitled "Troldeskovens Aander" including two songs & an intro of atmospheric black metal. Shortly after this release Korihor had to leave the cult and was replaced by Azter (known from DENIAL OF GOD). In August APOLLYON played their first gig with this line-up, and in January of 1996 they played their second (together with DENIAL OF GOD & BIFROST). After this gig Azter left the cult. The cult continued their work, and a few months later Vrykolatios joined them on vocals. In may they recorded a new recording which yet hasn’t been released, but will be released as a mini when the horde feels that the time is right. In November they recorded a song "Omnia in majorem Diaboli Gloriam" for "A Tribute to Hell" compilation CD and they got a deal with FULL MOON PRODUCTIONS. APOLLYON’s debut MCD entitled "Diaboli Gratio" will be recorded sometime early 1998 and will be a fast and aggressive, yet dark and melodic piece of violent black metal. A frightening portrait of the strange beauty in evil, death, darkness and damnation.


c/o M. Bisgaard

Ellevang 13

7100 Vejle