Black Witchery was formed in 1996 out of the ashes of the US black/death
obscure cult Irreverent(formed by Impurath in 1990) sole intention of
Black Witchery's existence is to crush the current weak minded black metal
circle of pathetic losers with no mercy and to exalt the eternal True
Satanic Elite with blasphemous hymns of power, darkness , evil and hatred.
Originally incarnates as a two piece band(with Impurath and ex Irreverent
member Darkwolf, under the name Witchery) ,a promo and demo were released
and soon thereafter , Darkwolf left the band due to musical
differences...Impurath then summoned Tregenda and Vaz to form the current
unholy trinity and accepted the Black WItchery name as the new line up was
far more intense and brutal; leaving the melodic sound of Darkwolf's style
behind them...the band released  an impromptu ep(Summoning of Infernal
Legions) and then the infamous "Hellstorm of Evil vengeance" split
lp/cd(Dark Horizon Records-1998)) with the Ross Bay heathens
Conqueror(rip)....this split showed the band's fury and dark brutality and
earned them a great deal of respect as being one of the few true black metal
bands the US has spawned...the band also earned a reputation of being one of
the most violent and destructive live bands ever and played several bestial
shows to confirm this(the most notable being 2 separate shows(200/2001) with
godz of war Blasphemy in Canada-the first US black metal band EVER to travel
to Vancouver for such an abomination)...the band then entered the studio to
record it's sinister debut , "Desecration of the holy kingdom" for Fullmoon
productions...the album was a complete and utter holocaust of black speed
desecration metal fury and was widely claimed as one of the best newer black
metal albums in many years and also the most destructive and soul ripping
cd/lp EVER to be released by a US band....the band continued their
deathmarch of live attacks  through the US and Europe and achieved many
rabid fans and heretic supporters.

The band was then signed to Osmose Productions who released the second
malicious attack in the form of "Upheaval of Satanic Might" ...this album
followed the path of it's predecessor but displayed the band in an even more
violent and barbaric fashion ....with more traditional hymns and unrelenting
darkness and savagery, this album easily entered into the ranks of being
another demonic entity that would serve as a monument of real ugly, raw and
grim black metal in the TRUE style of darkness which is found rarely these
days... "Upheaval..." was recorded and produced entirely by the band (with
help of longtime heathen comrade Kris  Cook(who had worked with the band on
the split years ago)...this gave the band the ability to properly obtain
their vision without the presence of the music industry leeches
ideas...complete with grim and horrific Moyen cover and demonic anthems such
as "Holocaust Summoning", "Blood Oath" and "Heretic Death Call", the album
has once again proved Black Witchery to be the most desecrating and savage
black metal band in the US by far.

Black Witchery - MUSIC

Black Witchery
Desecration of the Holy Kingdom
(FMP 030)
Release date: Sept, 2001.

1. Desecration of the Holy Kingdom.
2. Crushing the Messiah.
3. Blasmphemous Onslaught.
4. Command of the Iron Baphomet.
5. Unholy Vengeance of War.
6. Into Damnation Eternal.
7. Chaostorms of Demonic Hate.
8. Invincible Antichrist Victory.
9. The Angelholocaust.

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Black Witchery samples of "Desecration of the Holy Kingdom" Click Here to view.

Band Contact Information:

Black Witchery
P.O. Box 195416, Winter Springs, Florida 32719-3416.