Hades was formed in 1992 by Jorn, and ex-member of IMMORTAL, because he wanted to create a music style that was filled with melancholy, desolation as well as atrmosphere, mystery and folklore. Remi (ex-member of Dark) joined as a drummer wtih thunder in his black soul. He also wanted to create a music style with no-lack of originality and true unholy feelings. Stig joined the band as a second guitarist and Janto later as a vocalist and bass player to complete the legendary northern black metal band Hades.

In the year of 1993, Hades recorded their first demo entitled "Alone Walkying" in Greighallen Studios (Bergen) and produced by the mighty Pytten. The demo contained three tracks, "Unholy Congregation", "Hecate (Queen of Hades)" and the title track "Alone Walkying". There was a response, so Wounded Love released it on cassette and later on MCD.

In 1994, Hades recorded their debut album, Jorn was arrested and imprisoned for the charges of church burning (assisting Varg Vikernes of Burzum for the burning of a Stav Church). Impacient in jail, Jorn managed to write seven new tracks for their newest and darknest release to be unleashed!

In 1996 the Norwegian kings Hades returned to Greighallen Studios and recorded their masterpiece CD/CS/LP entitled "The Dawn of the Dying Sun".

Bringing life to the excellence experianced in such bands as Bathory and Enslaved yet surpassing them with their originality and style. These black metal viking, warriors display why they are the masters of the scene.



HADES "Alone Walkying" demo ‘93

HADES "..again shall be" CD ‘94

HADES "Alone Wallking" MCD ‘96

HADES "The Dawn of the Dying Sun" CD ‘97

Updated information:

DISPLEASED RECORDS TO REISSUE "...again shall be" and "Dawn of the Dying Sun" with bonus material.




The band is now known as HADES ALMIGHTY, here is their website:

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...again shall be CD (FMP002)
Release date: December 1994

Janto Garmanslund - Vocals, Bass, Keyboard
Jørn Inge Tunsberg - Guitar, Keyboard
Wilhelm Nagel - Guitar
Remi Andersen - Drums

Recorded at Grieghallen June/July 1994.

The tracklist on the CD is incorrect, this one below is correct.
1. Pagan Triumph 03:43
2. Hecate (Queen of Hades) 04:07  
3. The Ecstacy of an Astral Journey 06:39  
4. An Oath Sworn in Bjorgvin 04:54  
5. ...Again Shall Be 04:44  
6. The Spirit of an Ancient Past 06:09  
7. Unholy Congregation 05:20  
8. Glorious Again the Northland Shall Become 06:53  
9. Be-Witched 06:15  
10. In the Moonless Sky 05:03
Total playing time 53:47

Norwegian / Viking Black Metal.




Dawn of the Dying Sun CD (FMP002)
Release date: December 1997

Janto Garmanslund - Vocals, Bass, Keyboard
Jørn Inge Tunsberg - Guitar, Keyboard
Stig Hagenes - Guitar
Remi Andersen - Drums

Recorded in Grieghallen in June and July 1996. Cover design by Hades and Kristi
Ravn. The lyrics of "Alone Walkyng" were written by Richard Chaucer in 1572.

Released on CD, vinyl limited to 1000 copies, and cassette. Two CD versions
exists: the first has disc artwork with a tower, and the second has a plain
black disc with white lettering.

1. The Dawn of the Dying Sun 03:32  
2. Awakening of Kings 06:10  
3. Apocalyptic Prophecies (The Sign of Hades) 06:00  
4. Alone Walkyng 10:28  
5. Crusade of the Underworld Hordes 06:21  
6. The Tale of a Nocturnal Empress 06:07  
7. The Red Sun Mocks My Sadness 02:39
8. Pagan Prayer 06:16  
Total playing time 47:33

Norwegian / Viking Black Metal.


Dawn of the Dying Sun






Contact Jorn of Hades at jotunsbe@online.no

HADES, c/o Jorn Tunsberg,Tranehaugen 7,5046 Raadal, Bergen, Norway