Interview with Baron Von Abaddon
by Kurt Hubert for PIT MAGAZINE.

The Infamous American black metal band BLACK FUNERAL is finished. The dark heart of this notorious unholy entity, Baron Drakkonian Abaddon, has officially ended all of his activities with the black metal scene. The Baron originated an extremely violent black metal chapter when BLACK FUNERAL emerged in '92. Two albums, Wampyr, Throne of the Beast and Empire of Blood, emerged from Fullmoon Productions as a result. Don't expect a sad eulogy from the Baron. His disgust and hatred for the capitalistic interference and overall lame excuses for black metal bands today will not allow it.

Pit: The most obvious question is, of course, why have you permanently dismissed BLACK FUNERAL?
Baron Abaddon: I knew it was over when I heard black metal bands getting pro photo shoots, glossy press releases and all that shit. Black Metal turned into an evil glam show. Fuck all of that, and fuck all bands who embraced this bullshit! Fuck them all! I refuse to be a part of this ridiculous facade called black metal now.

Did the growing idiocy of fnas have a bearing on your decision?
Yes, absolutely. It was partly my fault. I support individuals, people who exercise strong intelligence-true satanic might-not the White trash who blindly followed me. I got a letter once where this idiot sent photo's of a cat he killed. It really pissed me off! One DEICIDE incident of fans mutilating animals is enough! All of those White trash inbreds trying to be evil should be sterilized or killed! Rot in the Appalachians you scum!

Specifically, when did you decide to cancel all future efforts for BLACK FUNERAL?
When I was half way through re-recording vocals for Empire of Blood. I thought, [lets out a big sigh] 'I really don't like doing this anymore.' I was very disheartened by the big picture for black metal at this point.

I've heard Empire of Blood has done very well in the marketplace. Is that true?
Yes, we pre-sold 1,500 copies of Empire before it was even released. I think it's ironic that people are paying attention to it now that the band is finished. Regardless of what some jealous, shit-talking cocksuckers have said on their websites. BLACK FUNERAL still does better in its death than their fourth generation MAYHEM plaigerism does alive. So fuck off!

Did it ever cross your mind to continue BLACK FUNERAL and "milk it" for everything it was worth?
You mean like DISMEMBER? Absolutely not! Therea re too many bands who just don't know when to stop for their own good. I can't see myself, two years from now, getting totally submerged in black metal again. It was great for the period of time I was involved. I've done the best album I could do. Empire of Blood captures the essence and spirit of the black metal I loved during the revival of '93. As far as I am concerned, that's as far as it needs to go.

You must have feelings regarding the explosive overabundance of black metal bands today?
How many more boring, shitty bands can humans endure? The scene is disgusting! There is hardly any experimentation and definately no spirit in these new bands. The primary focus of black metal is lost. Black metal is supposed to be sinister music calling sinister architypes and dark spirits. Not simple European folklore and stories about fucking trees! Leave environmentalism to the weak humans throwing themselves in front of harpoons to save whales! Black metal is about death and destruction, not putting your death hymns on recycle paper and playing violins, you fucking idiots!

Surely you must still get interest from underground metal fanzines?
I've turned down many interviews regarding BLACK FUNERAL. Now Fullmoon plan to release Wampyr with a new layout, so I'm sure more fanzines will write. Mainly all those zines ask questions like, 'What is BURZUM's shoe size?' or 'How tall are EMPEROR?' I'm not the Encyclopedia Britannica of black metal! I only have one simple response to all these irritating childish inquiries today. Fuck off!

I know your debut interview in Pit, some time back, spurred some serious controvery. It was rumoured you were being indicted by the Indiana Attorney General's office for "Inciting violence among youths". Not to mention charges of Nazi violence and ritual suicides. Is any of that true?
Your interview was the first big exposure we got. Some sesitive Christian read the interview, got totally leveled with offense and sent it to the Attorney General to bring me up on charges. The kid I allegedly ordered to commit violence in the name of black metal didn't even live in [Indiana]. People simply have me. Now that I am fully distanced from black metal, it means nothing anymore.

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