Interview with Michael Ford.
By Eosforos for Full Moon Productions.
Edited by Thorns/FMP

Up next, an interview with Michael Ford. On the heels of Empire of Blood and about to unleash his newest Black Funeral release due out soon. Some changes have occured, listen on to what Michael has to say.

Greetings to you Michael!!A lot has happened since the release of Empire of Blood, can you update us on Black Funeral?
MF: About 2 years ago I decided I had had it with the uninspiring direction of black metal music, the commercial and crowd pleasing techniques of it and the overall white trash attitudes which seemed to invade the scene. I had become interested black metal because of the occult connection, there was something interesting and open minded about it, well that was all gone. I was much more interested in other music styles so I finished and mixed "Empire of Blood", which was to be the final Black Funeral album based on metal - I think it is great too, better than most of the SHIT which reared it's ugly head since then - and that's it. I decided to continue Black Funeral as an industrial - dark - ambient project, to keep the concepts of vampirism/lycanthropy and folklore and it's connection - or what could be - within that music. We are focused concerning Black Funeral, on Necrophilia as vampiric fetish, astral hauntings and s/m bondage under Red- Dragon rites, invoking the incubi/succubi. I think we can be more direct, more useful and far more hard hitting as an industrial-experimental outfit. We can better send forth our spells by this musick.

At one point you decided to call it a day with Black Funeral, this was both shocking and disturbing news to me. What was the reason that you contemplated killing something that you have worked so long on?
MF: Sometimes you have to destroy the old in order to create something new, well this was a prime example of that concept. For me, I found my magickial weapon Valefor and it's more balanced twin - Psychonaut, I had done Black Funeral for years as a full force of pagan belief, actually a bit satanic if you will, it was a beast. I had run my ground with it and knew it before anyone else did. That was were I was lucky, most just run their ground LONG before they snap and say "gee, maybe I'm washed up in this style?!". The whole scene was dead to me. Nothing new or original, just repeat without focus. It seems most the bands want fame and women and such. Well there is nothing wrong with that, hell I enjoy things like that however you cannot comprimise ONE OUNCE of the music, I mean it is extreme, magickial and demonic. To take away from it by trying to sell more recordings is pointless. That is where I am at with it all. We will continue with Black Funeral however, I find it a wonderful outlet for Shadowside and Lunar areas of exploration concerning sexuality, magick, lycanthropy, necrophilia and vampirism.

I for one was elated to hear you were going to continue, but I have a feeling that some people will be in for quite a surprise when the next CD comes out. It seems the only connection with the Black Funeral that everyone has become familiar with is the name and you.. Please tell us of the new direction for the band?
MF: Well, it is still very dark and focused on vampirism, the whole musical approach is different. I expect to get a lot of gasps and "why did he do that" and so forth, I am VERY used to that. I enjoy staying on the edge with it all....progression is a good thing. However, we are darker than ever and dealing with more interesting subjects so do not expect us to become mild. Perhaps more extreme and strange than ever.

Will you use vocals at all? I mean the new musical direction coupled with you grim vocals might just be something that is truly groundbreaking.
MF: Not too much, I wanted to get away from that. Shanna took care of most the vocals on "Moon of Characith" and I layered vocals in the background. Not in the style of Black Funeral's metal past however.

How will this differ from Darkness Enshroud? Will you make a concious effort to not tread on similar waters as you did within that project?
MF: Very different, Darkness Enshroud was done with virtually no useful equipment, we recorded "Unveiled Ghostly Shadows" in ritualistic circumstances, in a small room in the middle of winter.This album sounds nothing like "Moon of Characith". "Moon of Characith" is a mix of dark ambient - industrial designed in a ritualistic way, it is very much a spell for the listener. In some people the effect of the album will be invoking or calling us in dreams...the same with spirits which may manifest into succubi/incubui so I am interested in the results. Darkness Enshroud material was an early experiment and I am fond of the memories with it.

What was the exact reason for changing the style so much for Black Funeral?
MF; As I explained, sick of the music style and I found extreme change to be a virtue and a sign of ideas and progression. Psychic terrorism if you will. Awakening!!!! I cannot really stand most of the metal music today. I just don't find it interesting. I listen to other styles anyway.

I think that most of the supporters of Black Funeral in the past are into Black metal for more than just musical enjoyment, thus they will accept the change. But perhaps some people that had only recently discoved the band might have some difficulties accepting this. I get the feeling that these people are people that you would rather NOT have following you. Your comments?
MF: It is not my concern if someone does not like it, if I paid attention to that I never would have gone anywhere with any of it.I was quite aware when I decided to record this album that many would hate it and many new people would like it, I am not doing crowd pleasers or dedication songs, I mean, if they enjoy our art, that is beautiful, that means there ARE individuals along our same wavelength within this music genre, however I am used to the anti-support as well, so either way once the spell is cast then it will manifest from that point on. This is lycanthropic music still, invoking the primal atavism of blood lust and sexual manifestation. The night still holds our kind within it's massive web of dream manifestation. Our musick contains the darkest spirits and energies, something natural to us, and our wolfish brothers and sisters. We hold the crown of Baphomet under the eye of Varcolaci!! Industrial musick proves and excellent outlet for sonic experiments, frequencies which can be manipulated to evoke and invoke spirits and energies, of which will electrify or attack the listener. Each sound is designed for a purpose, our musick is a ritual in itself. Abraxas, won't you smile upon us....come unto the Trapezoid and behold the rising of Varcolaci, under a blood moon which rises in the mind. That is our key.

What detoured you from the whole metal scene in general? It definitely is not what it used to be, there was a strong sense of unity and extremeties in the past. That is gone, now we are plagued with losers like Dimmu Borgir covering every magazine. This is a band I really wish death upon. Couldn’t you come up with a very destructive spell on their homo asses?
MF: I am not interested in others' musical direction, what is one mans un- interest is anothers treasure. I am an artist, a sorcerer if I may be so bold and I am not concerned with any others unless they present themselves to me in an unfriendly manner. That scene is dead, it IS a fashion show and full of restrictive dogma, most of the sheep involved think they are so evil, sitting at mom and dads, imagining summoning demons and playing black metal. Haha, it is funny in a way they take it serious yet they don't get it at all. That is ok, most of my friends and other associates were involved when it MEANT something as a statement and path for creativity and we will always have those memories...they have our tossed aside un-inspirations!!!We are more focused than ever, I have excellent associates assisting me and I feel very much like we can do some excellent material, of which will be possibly alluring to both black metal and industrial fans....for the die hard metal kids though they will not understand us. The ignorant useually don't but that is quite funny as well.

Speaking of spells. Are you still heavily involved with the Occult? If so how much?
MF: Well it is my life's blood really, it is ALL to me. I mean, it is natural. Much like a mother's natural ability to love her child, my love is magick and exploring the mind. I have been into this since I was a child and have become very happy with it. I have met some interesting witches in my time in which some have tremendous abilities and others have is a wonderful path HOWEVER it is VERY hard and difficult at times, a very respectable Sorceress, Linda Falorio once mentioned to me, "I have respect for those who have remained in magick, even if I don't like them personally, because it is such a difficult path", well she was right. I adopted the Thelemic motto, "Do what thou wilt...", but my understanding and practice of it is based on practice and utilizing it's potential as described to myself. This current is present in my recordings and you will find balance of Pagan light and beauty and Night side demonic atavisms, all of which are perfect for me. That is another thing, most of the metal bands use such imagry and props yet have NO clue to what they are talking about, "hail Satan" they say, fucking morons! I cannot stand those fools! So lost in their medieval wet dreams they don't realize they have no inner strength or concept. When I was starting there were some gifted magickians involved in the music, and now it is mostly and primarily wankers. I know we have always been a monority, although the inept choice of ANTI-ELITE has grown feverish in it's attempt to awaken the elite! Black Funeral has always been within the shadow side and the nocturnal, sinister current. We invoke the nightside and it manifests worldwide in the subconscious of an avid listener. That is what we do, we seek and urge our listener to free their minds, raise up in Luciferian strength and destroy restrictive dogma! Freedom is the ultimate key of the crown of Baphomet!!! Let there be Chaos!!!!

How did you come to realize that this is the path that you should follow? How did it come to you that this was actually something legitimate? I personally am extremely pessimistic by nature, and believe in very little, it has to be shown to me. Did something occur to make you realize there is legitamacy within?
MF: I have always (as far back as I can remember) been interested in the occult and the night side. I began my path years ago and it developed to how I am now. It was natural for me, I think that is the only way it could be really, if you are not interested then chances are you will not e a successful magickian.I have had MUCH shown to me far beyond what I ever expected and very special things have come about. I am very fond of my craft and will continue far beyond this life. To quote Hassan I Sabbah and Aleister Crowley, "NOTHING IS TRUE, EVERYTHING IS PERMITTED"....

I understand you were approached to do a destructive spell on a T.V. talk show.. Who approached you and what show was it? Finally, did you do it? Why or why not?
MF: It was a black metal group in Chicago, I do not remember the details of it, except they wanted me to perform a live ritual for tv. I said no, it was almost like they were doingit for shock value. I am not in it for shock value, if I do something like that, I have a reason and purpose. I have avoided such antics so far as much as I can and still try not to. Magick is not something to play around with, I don't think a talk show crowd would even BEGIN to understand what we are about.

Moving on to other ideals of yours past and present.. Early on, you had a strong fascination with the NS movement, you have since evolved away from that. What was appealing about it then, that you no longer hold it in the same regard?
MF: I was and still am very interested in the Northern Tradition and the runes. I was very young and very much into death and such. It was something I am not interested in, Nazism and my projects NEVER HAD anything to do with it. I mean, see the lyrics and such. I do have Jewish friends and I study the system of the Cabala, I find an interest in mostly all cultures as you can learn something from each.

Do you regret any of your past interviews at all for some of your comments? I know you have said to me that you never wanted to be labelled as a skinhead or racist.
MF: Well, I said things that needed to be looked at. I was more of an anarchist in many ways than the labeled "anarcists", I said things which would disturb, that is the point...not for shock value but to enable someone to face up to their environment and understand their personal responsibilities and to explore themselves...I do not regret it however I am NOT by any means (and this is in practice too) any kind of racist or such. That is ingorance in a high form. It does not work or attract me. Enough said on that.

You had also stressed in the past, that Black metal must be satanic, do you still agree with that statement? Again, bringing back a point of the state of today’s scene, Dimmu Borgir has absolutely nothing sincere about their Satanic image, they are absolute whores of the music industry. How is it possible to determine those who are truly into it, or those just bandwagon jumping.
MF: Well, Satanic in the elitist way, as best put down in print by Anton la Vey, not by mindless black metal devil worship...I mean Luciferian Freedom and fire of spirit, think for yourself and destroying those who would stand in your way. Having pride for yourself and love for yourself primarily and those close to you. I could go on and on but I guess anyone can get my obvious message here. I am Thelemic with strong dark inclinations towards Satanic and Luciferian points of strength.

Back to BF.. When can we expect the new CD?
MF: The most interesting Black Funeral album yet, dark industrial magick.....The rise of Succubi/Incubi and the nightly spirits of the astral plane...industrial art really. "Moon of Characith" is the title.

Will you continue to release more material under the Black Funeral name in the future?
MF: Yes, because Black Funeral is the shadowside of my work. Psychonaut and Valefor focus on other points of balanced magick and sorcery such as systems which we practice on Zos Kia-Austin Spare, Tibetan Bon-Pa, Shadow Voudon, Thelema and all which is along that current. Black Funeral focuses on vampirism, necrophilia as vampiric fetish, s/m bondage-vampiric sorcery and the nightside in it's darkest form.

Well Michael, I guess the end has come, I leave the end to you, thanks for your time.
MF: In the tomb of Christ, the necrophile finds joy......How beautiful the succubi is...