Conqueror is dead, but the Ross Bay Cult is eternal... Questions answered by
R. Förster. Interview by Sulfurous of FMP.

1) What got you into Metal as a youth?

I don't know what caused it,but I've always been attracted to heavy
music since I first understood what music was.Of course I was into the
lightweight "metal" garbage that was around at the time since I didn't
know any better,but once the gateways to the realms of speed metal were
opened to me,things only became more VIOLENT,BRUTAL,and EVIL !!!!!!

2) Which bands were most important to your musical development and
playing style?

Hard to say....Of course BEHERIT and BLASPHEMY had a large impact on my
style....But there's so much more to it than just those bands of
course....When I heard SODOM,DESTRUCTION and KREATOR back when I was
young I knew that I wanted to play music that was as APOCALYPTIC as

3) Tell me about your early bands...

Like most people I joined up with some shitty thrash and death metal
bands that are not even worth the mention....

4) Tell me about the formation of the band that would later become

After a long search, I FINALLY met up with a like-minded individual
that wanted to create some BESTIAL BLACK DEATH DEVASTATION!!!! We wasted
ALOT of time looking for members to form a full line-up. We eventually
realized that most people are too weak to handle the intense HATRED and
nuclear VIOLENCE that we bled through our instruments.We decided to do
things as a 2 piece and through all the chaos we were able to lay down
only 1 song on tape back in 1994ce........

5) What was the name of the band and how was it different from Conqueror?

DOMINI INFERI.....CONQUEROR was basically a continuation of DOMINI

6) How did you meet J Read?

Both DOMINI INFERI and his band at the time rehearsed in the same
dilapidated warehouse....

7) How much Conqueror material, music and lyrics, had you written prior
to his joining?

Not much.....A couple of riffs and some lyrics..

8) Did the shift to the Conqueror we know today come about because of
his joining the band or was it more of a group decision? Was the transition

J.Read and I shared a similar vision of what a band should sound like
and simply took it from there....

9) Describe this vision.

Simple:the "WAR CULT SUPREMACY" album.

10) I don't know of any other band that writes songs about "Superion",
when did you find out about Superion and who created the philosophy behind

Only the "soul" that is full of the purest HATRED could walk the path
of SUPERION!!! And only the CRUELEST of BARBARIANS would even dare to
conquer the SUPERION APEX!!!!!!!!

11) Once again, when did you find out about Superion and who created
the philosophy behind it?

This concept has been around long before us and shall reign long after
our eventual demise. This philosophy is known by different names to others.
We know it as SUPERION !!!!!!!!!

12) Where did you get the name Superion from?

This question has no answer...........

13) Tell me in more detail about the path of the Superion.

If it was meant to be,then you already know the answer to this

14) Is there any connection between Superion and Nietzschean philosophy
or is the path of Superion far crueler and more misanthropic?

There are connections of course,but I can't COMPLETELY identify with
the writings of NIETZSCHE...The path of SUPERION is the ultimate journey
into the dark and forbidden domains of knowledge,strength,power,HATRED and
the loss of weaknesses such as the "guilty conscience" and the
feeble moralities that are forced on to the common man of this
age......Without the purest of commitment to these words, there can be
no victory...

15) So you fully agree with the ideology behind Might Is Right?

"Might is Right" is a very important book to me but again it's not
completely what I'm about.This book just put thoughts that I already had
more into perception.More focused.Hails to "RAGNAR REDBEARD".An
important icon on the path of SUPERION.

16) Do you agree that most humans are not born to be Conquerors, but
rather, are born to serve a purpose? If so, isn't it those that are leading
these sheep, and the traitors that have allowed them to
rule, that has caused the castrated, unnatural society we inhabit?

The whimpers of the weak seems to be louder than the roar of the
CONQUEROR. Somehow the sheep has been able to keep the wolf chained
down....[through the education system,TV,and drugs/alcohol is my
guess]I can only look at the world that this system has created
with absolute disgust..What a disgrace.......

17) Do you consider yourself a Satanist?

I renounce ALL that is to do with the jewish/christian ways but I am
their sworn enemy so for lack of a better word that people can immediately
understand, I am what is known in this age as a Satanist....I WORSHIP the
EVIL force that is among us even though I
don't understand it completely.HAIL SATAN!!! The SUPERION of this era.

18) Tell me about the writing for the music and lyrics on the demo.

Not much to say really...Those days were just J.Read and I getting used
to each others playing styles and throwing lyrical ideas and other
concepts at each other...Same as most bands in their early stages...

19) When/how did you come up with the Ross Bay Damnation intro?

We were getting ready to record the "Antichrist Superiority" demo when we
realized an intro of some type was necessary. We didn't want to do the
predictable keyboard or movie sample intro so we came up with "Ross Bay

20) Ross Bay obviously had an influence on Conqueror early on, can you
tell me about it?

I was always skeptical about the existence of evil since my only exposure to
this concept was brought to me through the ridiculous and unbelievable tales
of the judeo-christians. The first time I set foot into the ROSS BAY
CEMETARY I knew that PURE EVIL is REAL!!!!!!!!! It was an awakening that
changed my life.....ROSS BAY GRAVE is some type of channel to EVIL that I
don't understand and I never will.......

21) Define evil.

Like I stated in the previous question. I do not completely understand
EVIL.There are enough books to fill a library trying to explain what EVIL is
and how it affects our existence. EVIL is real. EVIL is feared
or worshipped but cannot be ignored.It is the consuming force of all
who find themselves on the path of SUPERION. I never question what EVIL
is. I know that it is beyond my understanding.The deeper I dwell, the
more I shall understand.

22) Explain the relationship between evil and the elite few.

Extreme and unrelenting HATRED towards humanity draws us towards EVIL.
Mankind MUST be exterminated. We are the ones that will spearhead the
downfall of human existence.

23) The misguidance of humanity initially draws the elite perceptive few
into misanthropy because of their sheepish mentality which has resulted in
the propagation of weakness due to false leadership; it is our powerlessness
to stop it thus far which has cultivated our hatred for them. Instead of
bringing down the masses, why don't we destroy their detractors, our
enemies, and those traitor individuals/groups that have sided with them, and
then form a new civilization based in strength and the "evil" of Nature;
then the re-educated masses would be the backbone of our movement. That may
be easier said than done, but what do you think of that plan?

ALL of humanity MUST be exterminated!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is no other
solution.If we attempted to "fix" the situation with your [or any other]
plan,mankind would just find a way to mess things up again. It's "human
(Historically and presently, it's mainly been the jews messing things up
over and over again through things like christianity, communism, their
control over the media, etc. --ed)

24) You seem to use backwards masking on several of your songs, why do
you do this and what are you saying?

We didn't have any parts with "backwards masking"...We used vocal
effects on some parts to add to the chaos and fury though....

25) You used the Ouroboros (dragon-snake that bites its own tail) for
the cover of your demo, what ideology do you attach to this symbol?

There have been entire books written about the concept of the Ouroboros
so obviously I won't go too in depth here...Nature is a cycle of constant
death and rebirth...of creation and destruction.....We placed the Ouroboros
on the cover of our "ANTICHRIST SUPERIORITY" demo as a statement: The
destruction of this age,and the birth of the new age of SUPERION !!!

26) How was the reception of the demo and how did you go about spreading it
to the underground?

I don't even think that we sold 200 copies of that tape...not because
we weren't satisfied with it, but because we were signed to EVIL OMEN
RECORDS 2 weeks after the demo was recorded.

27) When did you begin writing the remainder of the tracks on "War Cult
Supremacy" and was the approach to songwriting any different?

The "ANTICHRIST SUPERIORITY" demo was our first experience of even
hearing what CONQUEROR sounds like with vocals,etc. We were a 2 piece so
rehearsals only consisted of me on the BLOODAXE and J. READ on the
HATEHAMMERS. We listened to the "ANTICHRIST SUPERIORITY" tape for a
while and then started the writing process for the "WAR CULT SUPREMACY"
album with more of an idea of what the final product would sound

28) Did you both contribute equally to the music/lyrics for the demo
and the full-length?


29) Tell me about Conqueror's lyrics and give some insight on the ones
you wrote.

All of the lyrics that J.Read and I wrote were about the rise of SUPERION
and the downfall of weakness.....The overpowering of pure EVIL over the
feeble masses !!!!!Our visions of the shameful past,the disgusting
present,and the future that we hope to see: One of pain,misery and the iron
rule of SUPERION.So there isn't too much variation lyric-wise between the
songs...We are not preachers and we are
not trying to send out a message or convert people so this is why we
didn't print the lyrics.I will give a brief overview of the lyrics I wrote

INFINITE MAJESTY: The everlasting rule of the earth by EVIL ABSOLUTE
KINGDOM AGAINST KINGDOM: The war between good and EVIL and the VICTORY
WAR CULT SUPREMACY:[song title and chorus by J.Read] Our anthem to the
downfall of the jewish/christian ways
DOMITOR INVICTUS: The battle cry of SUPERION that shall unite the
EVIL !!!!!!!!!!!
COMMAND FOR TRIUMPH:[chorus by J.Read]The quest of the CONQUEROR on the
path of SUPERION

30) Overall, how do you and J Read differ as song and lyric writers?

There is no difference between our styles. We share a similar vision
of what brutal music should sound like and our lyrics were about the
same topics.[mentioned at the beginning of the previous question.]

31) The bonus track "Command for Triumph" is a very obscure track, when
was it recorded and why was it not done along with the demo or full-length?

"Command for Triumph" was recorded at the same time as our cover of
"Christ's Death" by SARCOFAGO.It was meant to be a compilation track to
help promote the name of the band and expose any other bands on the
comps as nothing but weaklings in comparison.

32) Ludo "Evil", who has a long history with Blasphemy, was involved
with the album. Tell the unknowing who he is and how he contributed.

Back in the time when blackmetal was truly underground "Evil" Ludo
commanded the BLASPHEMY/SARCOFAGO Fan Club. He sold merchandise of both
bands and helped spread the damnation to the unsuspecting European audience.
Eventually he started his own label: "Evil Omen Records" and released a few
CD's. He originally signed CONQUEROR to a one album deal and financed the
recording of the "WAR CULT SUPREMACY" album. He contributed to the recording
with a sample at the end of the album and one during the title track.Then he
fucked up and became a wimp.

33) Are you satisfied with both the demo and "War Cult Supremacy"?


34) You also made a number of Conqueror shirts back then. How many were
made total and what were the designs?

We hardly made any CONQUEROR shirts !!! I recall printing about 40
shirts with various designs in small quantities.[Gas Mask + Bullets;Skull +
Barbwire;and Gas Mask + Angel]. There was also a
"WarGoat on Horse" design bootlegged by fans. Both DTM records and FMP
will be doing a run of CONQUEROR shirts any time now.....

35) What is your opinion of Evil Omen Records and the way they wasted
your time?

He fucked up. Nothing more to say...

36) Do you think the record label had anything to do with the break up
of the band?


37) Then why did Conqueror disband?

Both J. Read and I have severe difficulty in adapting to the system
that western civilization forces upon us all. We both avoid becoming
slaves to this system no matter what the cost. Once you become chained
down to the "9-5" way of life there is no turning back. It is a trap
designed to keep you under conrol. We felt ourselves getting sucked deeper
and deeper into this abyss and the only escape was relocation. We couldn't
agree in a common destination and neither of us believe in
compromise,hence, J. Read ended up in Edmonton and I ended up here in

38) What direction was Conqueror going into and what was the material
you were writing like? How was it different from your previous work?

Once we unleashed the Apocalyptic Onslaught known as "WAR CULT SUPREMACY",
we had more of a clear vision of the CONQUEROR style. We saw ways of
improving song structures to become even more VIOLENT and DIABOLICAL. The
songs that we were working on before we disbanded were the most DEVASTATING
material we conceived. It was going to be the most UNRELENTING ONSLAUGHT
ever recorded. 10 times the ferocity of "WAR CULT...."

39) Fucking hell!!!!! Do you think you and J Read might ever work again, if
in the same location, and finish/record a second full-length with the
unreleased songs in the distant future?

We spoke of this once in the past; the conclusion we came to: NO.

40) So are you still in contact with J Read much?

We speak quite often actually. REVENGE is the best thing released out
of Canada this year[Along with the GODLESS NORTH "Summon the age of
Supremacy" LP] !!!! Check out the REVENGE Mini-CD on Dark Horizon
records if you dare.PURE ANNIHILATION !!!!!!!!!!!

41) How did you get in contact with Blasphemy and start playing with
them? Did you start out as a session member?

local shows here in Vancouver. I passed them a copy of
the "Antichrist Superiority" demo when it was released and we started
corresponding immediately afterwards. I don't think I was ever
considered a session member.The band was dormant until I moved to
Vancouver.3 Black Hearts of Damnation and Impurity had just finished
his probation.[For beating the shit out of some cops.] We started to
rehearse 1 week after I moved here.

42) When did you become an official member and receive your ritual name

Black Winds came up with my ritual name through a ceremony that he
performed.He came up with most of the band member's ritual names through the
same channel.

43) When did you shave your head and become a Black Metal Skinhead? Was it
part of the initiation rite into Blasphemy?

I shaved my head in 1997ce in ROSS BAY CEMETARY. We had just recorded the
"War Cult Supremacy" album a couple of months prior. I did it for the
Canadian Kult, to keep the tradition alive. J. Read and I went to ROSS BAY
with a portable stereo and battery operated clippers. There we cranked
"Fallen Angel of Doom...." and I proceeded to shave my head. A
decision I will never regret. I am a BLACK METAL SKINHEAD for life
!!!!!!!Hail the Cult!!!!!!!!

44) How much are you contributing to the songwriting?

A few riffs here and there. Right now it's mostly Caller of the Storms
taking care of that task.

45) Are BC Rich the only guitars you play?

Yes. BC Rich makes extreme shapes and we play extreme metal so it seems
natural.I have a couple of "Ironbirds" and a "Mockingbird" and I'm looking
into purchasing a "Beast" very shortly.Caller of the Storms also utilizes BC
Rich Deathaxes........

46) Why do you think there are SO few bands that can play with total
Satanic darkness and aggression like Blasphemy, (old) Sarcofago,
(old)Beherit, etc.?
Because most people are nothing but complete WEAKLINGS!!!! This "Black"
Metal scene that plagues us all today is full of melodies and keyboards
played by feeble-minded untermensch that doesn't have the burning HATRED and
absolute VENGEANCE screaming from within their "souls" to
create the music that can actually be considered EVIL.There seems to be
a limit of extremity that only a small few of us dare to cross in the
world of underground metal.All others should just give it up and go away.

47) Is there any unused Conqueror material, recorded or not, you have
or are planning to use with Blasphemy?

There are unused songs but I won't be using them with BLASPHEMY. REVENGE
will record one on their next onslaught. It was the most DEVASTATING
track CONQUEROR conceived !!! Await your demise.....

48) Any final words concerning Conqueror?

CONQUEROR has unleashed SUPERION !!! Now begins the SUFFERING !!!!!!