Interview with non-trend Canadian war holocaust cult REVENGE. Questions
answered by J READ. Interview by Sulfurous of FMP.

1) When did you get the idea to start a new band?

J..After The end of Conqueror

2) Did you intentionally want to be the only member?

J...I couldnt find suitable people to join so I was the only member I will
eventually recrute some cult people to join my ranks as full time members.

3) Is any of REVENGE unused Conqueror material?

J..No but I may record an unused Conqueror song in the future.

4) How much unused Conqueror material exists?

J..A few songs

5) How is the songwriting for REVENGE different from Conqueror considering
the absence of R Forster?

J..It is all done the same way.

6) Can you describe the songwriting process then?

J..I smash my drums or bass until a song is written.

7) In what ways has being a one man band benefited you? How has it not?

J...It is good being alone for the full control of the music it is also good
to have others input it is good either way.

8) You named the band REVENGE, what are you seeking revenge for and why?

J..Revenge and Trust are the two most evil words in the world so I chose

9) Tell me about the lyrics for the three songs on the MCD:

Blood of My Blood: Hail those who are the Blood of my Blood and Walk the
path of Superion

Vengeance Absolute: Our vengeance will be absolute.

Annihilate or Serve: This is a message to the sickly and inferior.
Annihilate superion or serve him.

10) So it's possible to annihilate Superion? Explain.

The concept of Superion can never be annihilated.What the song means is the
only way to not eventually serve Those who hail the superion banner is to
Annihilate them and unfortunately for those whove chosen an inferior path in
life this is impossible.

11) How is your lyrical approach to REVENGE different from Conqueror?
Besides Superion, what other ideas/themes do you plan to cover in your

J..The way the lyrics are written are the same.

12) What does it mean to be Yabssor born?

J..This reference is strictly for the FEW true from Canada.

13) The Ross Bay Damnation intro is used near the end of "Vengeance
Absolute", why was it used again?

J.The part you are talking about is A reworking of the intro from the
Conqueror demo and Cd it was used again simply because it is cult.

14) Tell me about the "goat phoenix" used in your artwork and what it

The goat phoenix is the Revenge and Conqueror symbol of Superion pride.

15) Do you do your own artwork?

J..Most of it is done by one guy.

16) Who's the guy and who else has he done artwork for? Has anyone else done
artwork for Conqueror/REVENGE?

J..He is a Skinhead Ross Bay maniac he only does artwork for Conqueror and

17) You also have a gas mask on the cover again, why the obsession with it?

J..The gas mask is cult.

18) Any reason why the logo hasn't changed much from the Conqueror one?

J..Revenge is the continuation of Conqueror so there will be many

19) You also do a killer version of Bathory's "War", obviously it was done
in tribute but did you also do it because you knew you could turn it into an
even more raging piece of Holocaustic War Metal?

J..Yes I knew it would sound even more holycaust done faster and heavier

20) Are you planning to do more covers in the future or have you paid
tribute to enough bands?

J..I may do others in the future.

21) Tell me about the recording session for the MCD, I heard you had some
problems with the engineer...

J..He didnt like the fact that I wanted my snare drum to sound like a skull
being crushed so we had a few problems.

22) The music/sound on the MCD seems harsher and more crushing than your
previous Conqueror material, was this intentional?


23) Who are your session players?

J..Attacker bass Dehumanizer guit

24) Can you tell me more about them? Are they involved in any other bands?

J..There is nothing to say other than they were the best choice for this

25) Do they play with as much fury and conviction as you?

J..Yes they did a good job on the mcd.

26) Since you have studio musicians, do you think REVENGE shows are not too
far off?

J..I will eventually do shows.

27) Do you have any problems drumming and delivering your vocal attack at
the same time? Have you always recorded your vocal and drum tracks

J..I dont play and sing at the same time.

28) Why not?

J..I use all my energy attacking the drums.

29) Will you play drums and have someone else do vocals for live

J..Yes That is how it will be done.

30) When did you begin playing drums and why did that instrument appeal to

J..Ive been attacking the drum kit for over 10 years because drums are the
most crushing instrument.

31) Are you completely self-taught? Did you learn by playing along with your
Metal records?

Im self taught.

32) How did you develop your playing style over time?

J..I just do it as brutal as possible.

33) What is your opinion of triggers and Death Metal bands with that
type-writer drum sound?

J..It is not heavy or harsh sounding in any way

34) Who makes the best drum equipment for this type of music?

J..I dont know or care.

35) How do you build the structures of your songs? Are they drum or guitar


36) What do you think a lot of today's metal drummers lack?

J..Most are worried about sounding like a digital death metal band They are
not extreme or cult in any way

37) Who are your favorite drummers?

J..There are only a few drummers who actually crush when they play Black
hearts and DD crazy are the first 2 that come to mind.....

38) You say you walk the path of the Superion, has satanism or the occult
ever interested you?

J..Of course I have been into those things for many years now.

39) Does Superion represent to you what Satan might represent to a Satanist?

J..Yes they are similar

40) Expound the relationship between man and Superion.

J..The man who walks the path of Superion becomes the fearless god self
therefore he becomes superion.

41) Do you agree that only die-hard Satanists that are dedicated to cult
Black Metal can truly comprehend and be possessed by songs such as "Seven
Churches", "Satanas(demo version)/The Black Vomit", "War Command", etc.
while the rest don't have a fucking clue?

J..Most don't understand what the fuck is going on with real extreme music
these days

42) You also perform some furious solos, is there structure to them or are
they improvised?

J..They were done by my session guitarist I said play some cult solos and he

43) You use a lot of vocal effects, why? Do you plan to continue using them
for future recordings?

J..I do vokills how I want effects and chaos all the way I will use them on
the future recordings yes.

44) Will future REVENGE material differ in any way to the MCD?

J..It will be the same all out Attack.

45) What should one envision while listening to this music?

J..Having their faces smashed in with my steel toed boots.

46) What is the ultimate goal of REVENGE's music and message?

J..Attack Blood Revenge

47) Anything else we need to know?

Trust no one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!