Petrified 'zine

Updated 4/18/2020

You can download in PDF format both issues #2 and #3 of Petrified from the link below
Petrified 'zine'

Petrified 'zine 1

Petrified 'zine #1

Release Date: 8/93

Printed at 100 copies ONLY.

Trivia: I hand drew the logo but I never used it again.

More Trivia: I wanted to use an extreme image, but I couldnt think of anything extreme to use. So I drove around town until I found a burned trailer home and tooks pix of it for the cover. I then scanned and rescanned the cover until the quality diminished.

Even More Trivia: Issue #1 sold so poorly that I almost gave up doing the 'zine. I sold 30 copies in 1 year. Things finally changed once word of mouth spread.

TRIVIA! Petrified 'zine #1 was the first place to find BURZUM Lyrics! It was an exclusive for my debut issue.

MORE FUCKING TRIVIA: I was interviewing SAMAEL in person at the RITZ in TAMPA and didnt like their answers and wording towards Black Metal so i walked away from them.

Interviews with: Burzum, Samael, Abigail, Uncanny and Argentum.

Petrified 'zine 2

Petrified 'zine #2

Release Date: Winter of 1993

Printed at 100 copies (photo copied) and 10,000-12,000 copies (news print)

Trivia: Threw out several thousand copies cause I was sick of looking at them.


Cover Art by Brad Smith.

Petrified 'zine 3

Petrified 'zine #3

Release Date: 1994

Printed at 1000 copies, all professionally bound.

Trivia: The same dude who drew the cover designed the FMP logo.

More Trivia: Issue #3 was considered the best issue.

Interviews with: Burzum, Hades, Katatonia, Behemoth, Graveland, Vlad Tepes, Gehenna, Algaion, Varathron, Bard Faust/Emperor (shortly after the murder), Morning Star, etc

Petrified 'zine 4

Petrified 'zine #4

Release Date: Winter of 1996

Printed at 1000 copies, all sold out before the magazine was even printed. High gloss magazine.

Trivia: all the copies sent to europe were sent at a loss of $3/copy.

More Trivia: all the mispellings were corrected, but I never got around to reprinting the magazine.

Even More Trivia: As a tribute to Euronymous I decided not to desecrate the picture by adding the Petrified 'zine logo or any text over the picture.

Interviews with: Abruptum, Vond/Mortiis, Abigor, Naglfar, Lord of Depression, Darkwoods my Betrothed, December Wolves, Tormentor, Desaster, Monumentum, Marduk, Ahriman, Swordmaster, Einherjer, Black Funeral, Sorhin, Emperor, Covenant, and Aeternus.

Petrified 'zine 5

(cover art coming soon)

Petrified 'zine #5

Release Date: TBA

Yes, Im actually working on a new issue. Unfortunately I have a hard time finding time to work on the 'zine, but I have interviews with the following bands:

Der Sturmer, Baptism, Negative Plane, Vomitor, Dark Messiah and a few more.


Moonlight Magazine

Printed at 10,000 copies and was given away for free to all FMP customers.

Trivia: Ended up only doing 1 issue and doing some interviews online. You can see them by clicking here 666