Photo Gallery 1991-1999

Apollyon from Denmark..

Apollyon signing contract with blood..

Photo given by Varg Vikernes of Burzum of burnt church, this photo was also used for the cover of ASKE (ashes) and the ASKE design t-shirt..

Another photo given by Varg Vikernes of the same church..

Original Burzum demo flyer..

Back of Burzum flyer with Samoth's information crossed out by Vikernes..

Brad Smith - the biggest Darkthrone fanatic.

One of many FMP fans from South America. This one is a fucking maniac.

Thorns pissing on the footsteps of a Norwegian Church..

Location: Oslo, Norway.

Sarah of Cradle of Filth confronted FMP about 'poser black metal' description.

Location: London, England..

Rob Darken of Lord Wind/Graveland.


Graveland photograph of their early days. (demo's).

Samoth (right) and Immortal drinking after Emperor show.

Immortal asked to blur their faces.

Location: Bergen, Norway.

Mean Malmberg (left) of Mysticum and Ivar (right) of Enslaved.

Location: Bergen, Norway.

Frost of Satyricon sitting at our table before the Emperor show.

Location: Bergen, Norway.

Remi (left) and Jorn (center) of Hades with Mean Malmberg of Mysticum (right).

Location: Bergen, Norway..

Metallion (left) of Slayer magazine and Mean Malmberg (right) in a bar in Bergen..

Promo shot given to me by Mortiis after releasing his first demo.

Photo of Draugr of Nastrond in Sweden.

Mean Malmberg of Mysticum before the NY show several years back.

Benny (left) and Prebin (right) of Mysticum.

Location: Asker, Norway..

Photo of Ragnarock vocalist.

Location: Bergen, Norway.

Emil Nodtveidt of Swordmaster destroying me at pool.

Location: Goteborg, Sweden.

Mean Malmberg (left) and Charmand Grimlok of Tartaros (right) after the Emperor show.

Location: Bergen, Norway.

Vulture Lord, one of the sickest bands in Norway..


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