Photo Gallery 1991-2000 page 2

Abhorer from Singapore.

Ahriman from Hungary.

Photo given to me by Shamaatae (as a troll) of Arckanum..

Nergal of Behemoth after the release of their debut demo.

Baron von Abaddon of Black Funeral before the release of "Vampyr- Throne of the Beast" CD.

Picture of a mentally deranged FMP fan. Aavimarga of HAYAGRIVA.

Frost of Satyricon.

Promo picture of Impiety for their debut CD.

Picture of Nuclear Infernal Darkness

of Lord of Evil (ger/pol)

Slavonic Glory "Pure Pagan Evil". Picture of the unholy Sirkis of the band NORTH.

Picture of the Swedish black metal band Thornium..P

Taurtheim of Throne of Ahaz before their debut release..

Vorlock of Vlad Tepes (fra).

Original flyer for the French black metal band Vlad Tepes..

WSouth American black metal band known as WALPURGIS..

Female Black Metal band from Turkey - Ebonsight.

Blackheim of Katatonia after the release of DANCE OF DECEMBER SOULS.

Mike Miller (left) and Robin Malmberg of Mysticum on the right.

Picture taken in NYC...

Original Cover for the OCTINOMOS debut album 'On the Demiurge'.

This cover was never used..

Smaug of Primigenium. This is the promotional picture for the ART OF WAR album.P.

Picture of THY SERPENT, before their debut CD.

Picture of Raven that was NEVER used for the Tribute to Hell CD.

Fucking rare picture of Blasphemous of VELES.

Ishahn of Emperor/Zyklon B. Promo picture that was never used for Petrified 'zine.

MOne oOne the four original FMP logo's created. This one was only used 1 time.

In issue #1 of NORDIC VISION..

Never seen before FMP logo. This one was NEVER used. This is another

one of the original 4 made..

FMP logo which was NEVER used.

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