From the depths of hell comes the ultimate compilation double CD feature original artwork by PETAGNO, Miguel Heredia, Bjorn Forsyth and others.
Bands include:

Disc 1:
The Thrill(nor) - Initiation into the mysteris of death omens.
Mysticum(nor) - Eriaminell.
Centurian(hol) - Of Purest Fire.
Mayhem(nor) - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas.
Tyrant(nor) - Grudge of Dannoura.
Outbreak(swe) - Ritual in Blood.
Naglfar(swe) - 12th Rising.
Swordmaster(swe) - Claws of Death.
Ash(usa) - The Descent.
Mastiphal(pol) - Summoned Howling.
Thy Primordial(swe) - At the World of Antrodden.
Black Funeral(usa) - Mourns a Lengthening Shadow.
Labei Ritual(usa/mex) - Storm in the Darkness.
Hemlock(usa) - Reign of Death.
Everdark(usa) - The Horns of Sacrifice.
Soulreaper(swe) - The Return.

Disc 2:
Apollyon(den) - Omnia in Majorem Diaboli Gloriam.
Algaion(swe) - Aegis and the Sword.
Sacramentum(swe) - Awaken Chaos.
Indungeon(swe) - In the Ashes of Civilization.
Battlelust(swe) - The Acheron.
Tartaros(nor) - Tunes Towards Empyrean.
Darzamat(pol) - Storm.
Diaboli(fin) - To Burn the Kingdom of God.
Thy Infernal(usa)
Melechesh(isr) - Desert Pentagram.
Lord of Depression(usa) - Blade of the Mighty Ones.
Mortify(gre) - Serpentine Moon.
Goddess of Desire(bel) - Blasphemic Beasts Convoked.
Haimad(swe) - Under Spread Wings of Eternal Darkness.
Burnings Inside(usa) - Masque.
Acheron(usa) - Evil Dead.